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We belive that we can do anywork, without complexity, as soon as possible. This is our slogan at Ermile.

Rooz Andish Kavir Peyma

Knowledge Based Company

Ermile® is our brand and we are start form the hot summer of 2015. From the first day of starting this company we are stay ahead of the tech curve and create cutting edge technology.

In spring of 2019 after finish analyse and evaluation process of our services, Iran Vice-Presidency for science and technology is confirmed that our works is knowledge based.


Integrated Sales Platform

Jibres is not just an online accounting software; We try to create the best financial platform that has everything you need to sale and manage your financial life.


Ask Anyone Anywhere

Focus on your question. Do not be too concerned about how to ask or analyze. Equipped with an integrated platform, Sarshomar has made it possible for you to ask your questions via any means.


Pioneer Academy Selection

Azvir provides complete and beautiful solutions for your school; Do all things easily and enjoy.


Iran Presidents

Live and complete result of iran elections after revolution until now.



Do attendance easily and enjoy real time reports


Dead Browser

Check health status of your browser and say it's live or dead!


Enterprise scale

Our enterprise solution brings the power and utility of Ermile to large, complex organizations.

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